1. What is I-95 Motorsports known for? I-95 Motorsports specializes in custom automotive builds, particularly within the "Donk" culture. We pride ourselves on turning vehicles into masterpieces, combining meticulous craftsmanship with unmatched creativity.

2. Where are you located? We're based in Oakland Park, Florida, a hub of automotive passion and innovation. 



3. Do you only work on Donks? While we have a special affinity for Donks, our expertise spans a broad spectrum of vehicles. If you have a vision for your ride, we're here to bring it to life.

4. Can I see some of your previous builds? Absolutely! Head over to our work section to explore a gallery of our masterpieces.

5. How long does a typical build take? Every project is unique, so the duration can vary. Generally, a custom build can take anywhere from a few months to several years, depending on complexity. We recommend reaching out to us with your specific requirements for a more accurate timeframe.

6. Do you provide performance upgrades? Yes, we offer a range of performance enhancements, from engine swaps and upgrades to transmission modifications, superchargers, big brake upgrades & so much more.

7. Can I customize my vehicle's interior? Of course! We offer bespoke interior services, including custom leather seats, fiberglass dash installations, complete custom audio & video.

8. How do I start a project with I-95 Motorsports? Reach out to us through our Contact Page. Share your vision, and our team will get back to you with the next steps.

9. Are there any vehicles you don't work on? While we have experience with a wide range of vehicles, we recommend discussing your specific make and model with our team to ensure we can deliver on your vision.

10. How can I stay updated on your latest projects and builds? Follow us on our social media channels or subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates, behind-the-scenes looks, and more!

11. What is your hourly rate? We're $125 an hour for most work.

12. How do you bill? We invoice each friday & invoiced are to be paid within 72 hours.